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Why us

Our boutique nature enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality of customer service. Our extensive agency and in-house experience has given us a deep understanding of IROs' needs and Company Secretariat requirements at listed companies. This has shaped both our aims and approach at Investor Insight.

Our Core Focus - Accuracy of Information:

• We understand the importance of shareholder accuracy and how it can affect investor communication.

• We possess several years of knowledge and experience in identifying institutional shareholders and can, therefore, provide intelligence behind investors.

• Identification results are more accurate and higher than those of other agencies. We have superior contacts and highly experienced analysts in global 'shareholder/register analysis'.

Client Service:

• All our clients will have access to experienced consultants who actually do the work, not 'relationship/sales managers'.

Cost Efficient and Flexible:

• We do not believe in tying down our clients with yearly retainer style contracts. Our prices are fully inclusive, with no 'added extras'.