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Our Services

Share Register Analysis

Our core offering at Investor Insight is Share Register Analysis. Our aim is to deliver the most accurate shareholder analysis available: identifying all institutional and retail global shareholders as well as uncovering all nominee accounts, regardless of geographical location.

Our methodology it is a time consuming and involved process where nothing can compensate for experience. Please contact us for more information.

Bespoke Reports:

We do not provide generic reports. All reports are tailored to each company's needs. Our product and service is a value-added, bespoke service.

Why do companies need SRA?

For IR professionals and Company Secretariat, the use of share register analysis is often indispensable. At Investor Insight, we believe share register analysis to be the foundation block for any Investor Relations programme.

Other Services

We also provide additional Investor Relations/Company Secretariat services for our clients upon request. These include:

• Daily Trade Monitoring
• Contact Management System
• AGM/EGM Voting Analysis
• Investor targeting
• Perception studies (buy and sell-side)
• Benchmarking analysis
• IR event planning